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             RFD SOLAS liferafts
            Available in 6 - 10 - 16 - 20 - 25 person configuration.

        Also available in 50 - 100 person configeration (SOLAS 'B' only)

For full specifications about this model click here          to go to the RFD Australia web site.

    Complies with 1996 amendments to
       chapter III of SOLAS 1974, the LSA
           regulations of IMO A-689.

                Manufactured from lightweight
                   polyurethane proofed nylon -
                      highly resistant to abrasion.

                     Latest design & manufacturing
                     innovations ensure increased
                      safety. Available in throwover
                    and davit launched models.

           Double skinned canopy, boarding
    ladder, watch window, sea anchor, water
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pockets and painter line that can withstand tugging to 3 knots.