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Pacific Australia Marine Safety Pty. Ltd. is proud to be a member of the International Ship Suppliers Association. (ISSA)

ISSA is the international association that represents nearly 2,000 ship suppliers located throughout the world.

ISSA consists of 43 International associations of ship suppliers as full ISSA members and associate members in 52 other countries where no national association exists.

ISSA members have to undergo a rigorous vetting procedure before gaining admittance.

ISSA members and the goods and services they offer can be found in every major port around the world.

Ship supply is at least 5,000 years old! ISSA have a drawing of a Phoenician ship being supplied, although they admit ISSA has not been around that long.

The association was formed in 1955 and celebrated its 'Golden Jubilee' in 2005 after
half a century of service to the maritime industry.

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